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We are a childcare center, where we enroll infants – 5 Years old children.  We have been in business since 2014 in the same location. The center is license by DCF with the capacity of 67. We are located on the corner of Old Winter Garden Road and Powers Drive.  Conveniently on the public transportation route.   We have 4 classrooms and a full kitchen space. We also have a security system and security cameras for the safety of our children and staff.


Our learning environment addresses all areas of development – social, emotional, cognitive and physical.

  1. Social - To offer children a nurturing place where they feel safe and secure to grow and learn.  To provide a clear and defined schedule so children are familiar with and therefore comfortable with the daily routine.

  2. Emotional - To provide a warm, cheerful and organized classroom that encourages creativity and stimulates imagination. To provide preparation for school readiness.

  3. Cognitive - To encourage children to explore problem-solving and self-help skills, muscle development and independence.

  4. Physical - To provide opportunities for children to develop competency in motor skills and movement patterns necessary for performance of a variety of physical activities.


Orlando Early Learning Academy, a private school for children from infants through 12, provides the ideal environment for children to develop the fundamental skills necessary for school readiness by offering security, guidance, encouragement and planned activities that are both developmentally appropriate and educational.  We believe children learn through active exploration and discovery of their environment, which encourages them to investigate new ideas and take educational risks.

Mission Statement:

Orlando Early Learning Academy will ensure that all children are intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially prepared to enter school and ready to learn.

  • We will educate as well as nurture each individual child.  Our goal is to be the start in every child’s life-long journey to success.

  • We will strive for excellence while providing a safe, affordable care and self-paced-high quality learning.

We help children learn through hands on play because we understand the many benefits of play in child development and growth.



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